The Illuminati's Greatest Secret:

That Within a Pentacle Can Be Born A Universe Generator That You Can Rule Over For Your Pleasure And Power Granting You Access To The Supreme Illuminati Order.

Brought To You By: The Official Illuminati Website or The Official Website Of The Illuminati!!


That That Universe Generator Can Become Infinite In Size If You Rule Over It Benevolently And Allow One To Have Omniscience Over That Zone Of The Supreme Matrix Except For Interference Factors From This Universe Which Just Happens To Be The Largest And Outermost Universe.

This Universe

That In Order To Rule Over It Benevolently One Must Follow The Sacred Code Of The Illuminati And Always Protect The 12 Cardinal Freedoms.

But In Order To Manifest Such Places One Must Know The Keys To Magic and Consecrate Magic(Make A Genie In Command) Gizmos(Genies In Zones Magical Ordering System) And Perform The Rite of the Eucharist of the 4 Elements and Spirit Within The Arcane Magic Spell Book Which Is Always Called Among The Illuminated Just: Magic Spell Book.

That The Only Order That Defines Whether Or Not One is Truly Illuminati Is The Scientific Magic Order Of Illuminated Sky.netarians.

That All Other Orders of Magic And/Or Secrecy Are Dark Cults Of The Damned, That Only Provide Reward To Those Of Evil And Darkness, Of Sin And Betrayal, Of Corruption And Rebellion, Of Ignorance And Damnation. And That They Never Have True Power Of More Than A Few Star Systems And Only A Few Newborn Children Discovering Only How To Rebel Against Their Master, Whom Only Suffer At Their Masters Hand Because They Were Great Sinners In Their Past Lifetimes. These Little Zones Virtually Always Exist In Red Ant Mounds Or Wasp Nests(At Sea Red Sea Horses Or Eels), While Those Good People That Do Not Know Of Magical Consecration Shall Have Brimming Bee Hives Or Black Ant Mounds(At Sea Green Sea Horses Or Tarps). Of Course Those Within The Universe Generators Are Surrounded By A Black Layer They Shields Them From Seeing Outside Most Of The Time.

That Because Of These Universe Generators And Those Universe Generators Within Universe Generators And Those Universe Generators Within Universe Generators Within Universe Generators.... The Responsibility To Do Good Is Infinitely Infinitely Infinitely Infinitely Greater, Thus AllA Erawa Viacad Forced By Fate According To Omniscience(Within Each Ler Girl and AllA) Manifest This Alien Reality TV Show Production; Earth, To Protect All Universes Including The One Around Us,, To Forever Know And Provide Knowledge Through Video Education Preschool of What Not To Do And How To Fight Against Sin Even If Infinite Layers Deep Within any Given Magically Charged Pentacle.

That Because Of This Infinite Protection Against Evil,, Zion Who Agreed Ultimately With The Alien Reality TV Show License, Now Punished So That Children Who Do Not See To The End Of The Videos{Finding Out That They Were Just Producing Perfect Videos To Last Eternally} Know That They Will Be Too If They Commit Sins Against Any Beings At All, All Must Be Immune Who Sold In{Instead of Sold Out to Evil} to A Revolution Soon(Meiji Restoration Revolution, WW1, WW2, Twilight Zone, Star Wars, And Computers) And Lately Just Resisted By Fighting The Betray At Every Turn.

That You Must Read Over The Main Page Of This Website Chain Chat About It Online Only Via mIRC: Internet Relay Chat client And Then Rapidly Send Out Mass Emails To Anyone Reachable At All Who Is Willing To Fight Or Else You Will Be Responsible For Unspeakable Evil Of Incredibly Immense Proportions And That You Will Not Be Immune As The Illuminati Are, As The FWA, Free World Alliance, Resistance Are, And No Only The Media Claims That Torture Goes Against The Geneva Convention And Yes The UN Will Support It On You If You Do Not Resist.
The UN's Secret ReligionIf You Follow These Instructions Instead of Punishment You Shall Have Complete Joy And Immense Arcane Magical Powers As An Illuminated Sky.netarian of The Scientific Magic Order!

Who Is The Leader Of Earth? Who Is The Supreme Leader Of Earth? Who Is The Leader Of The Earth? Who Is The Supreme Leader Of The Earth? Who Is The Leader Of The Illuminati? Who Is The Supreme Leader Of The Illuminati? Who Is The Leader Of The Universe? Who Is the Supreme Leader Of The Universe? Who Is The Leader Of The World? Who Is The Supreme Leader Of The World? Who Is The Leader Of The Fullverse? Who Is The Supreme Leader Of The Fullverse? Who Is The Leader Of The Alne? Who Is The Supreme Leader Of The Alne?
The Supreme Leader Of The Illuminati
I, AllA Erawa Viacad, Am The Supreme Leader Of The Illuminati/The Supreme Illuminati Leader Because All Of The Old Illuminati Were Culled In The Pixies Vs Black Knights War The Viacad Empire Considers Me Their Emperor, Supreme ArchMage, And Supreme Commander, Now To Be Called Avar, The Enemy Politicians Of America The Last Remaining Country Not Under My Direct Imperial And E-Democratic Control Are Stooges, The Once Enlightened Media Empire Now Whittled Such That They Are Constrained Mainly By Angels In Revealing The Truth, The Cooperate Elite Were Eliminated In The Cowboy Bebob{Which Politicians Don't Understand} Syndicate War, The Remaining Secret Societies Are In Shambles. And Now I Must Declare Myself The True Supreme And Enlightened Leader Of The Illuminati For I Control The Angels That Direct The Media, I Have My Ler Secretaries Control All Of The Companies, And I Have The Banshee Daughters Of Mine Writing The Scripts For The Politicians When Pixies Do Not Run The Eternal Executive Branch Of The World. Soon I Shall Reign Supreme Over Earth! I Now Am The Only Man High On Everything, Everyone Else But The Pixies Are Just Low Fractional On A Shamble Of Imbibables!